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Cervical Spine Injuries In Athletes

· medicine,Orthopedic Surgery,Nabil Ebraheim

When a cervical spine injury is suspected, do not remove the helmet of the shoulder pads.

Only the facemask should be removed In the event that access to the airway is needed. It is important to access the player’s vital signs. This includes airway, breathing and circulation.

You should also check for any disability. Do the necessary exposure of the patient to check for other injuries.

In preparation for transfer, movement of the injured player needs to be done in a stable manner in order to prevent further injury. If movement is required, a team of 4-6 people is needed. One person stabilizes the head while the others “log roll” the player supine into a spine board.

The head should be supported on each side by cervical support pads and strapped to restrict movement. The rest of the body is secured to the stretcher with three straps. These straps are needed to secure the torso, pelvis and legs. Do not transport the player until a full assessment of injuries has been done.

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