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Elbow Fracture Dislocation

The Terrible Triad

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The elbow is made up of the distal humerus, proximally and the ulnar and the radius distally. The coronoid process is another important bony land mark. Elbow dislocations with an associated radial head and coronoid process fracture is often referred to as the “terrible triad” because it has a bad result.


A closed reduction will render the elbow unstable. Patients with this type of injury will need surgery as nonoperative treatments will lead to redislocation of the elbow. In regards to treatment, you will begin with a reduction of the elbow, followed by a fixation of all fractures. Fixation of the coronoid fracture and fixation or replacement of the radial head, in addition to the repair of the lateral collateral ligament. The medial lateral ligament repair is usually not necessary.

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