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Hoffa fractures are rare intra-articular fractures of the femoral condyle which occur from violent trauma and are generally found in young adults. The fracture is coronal and may be missed on routine lateral x-rays.

The Hoffa fracture is similar to the capitellum fracture of the elbow. The fracture may occur in either condyle, but the lateral condyle is more commonly fractured. It occurs due to axial compression in a flexed knee. A fracture of the condyle is usually isolated; however, it often can be associated with other distal femur fractures. Undisplaced fractures of the condyle may become displaced if missed.


Treatment is typically a reduction and stabilization of the fragment. Stabilization of the fragment will be done using Herbert screws. Fixation can be done from either anteroposterior (AP) or posteroanterior (PA).

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