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Subungual Hematoma

By: Nabil Ebraheim, M.D. and Miranda Ebraheim

· finger,injury,Fractures,hematoma,Orthopedic Surgery

A subungual hematoma is a collection of blood that occurs underneath a fingernail or toenail. There will be throbbing pain caused by the collection of blood underneath the nail. When the injury is severe, the subungual hematoma is associated with a nailbed injury and a fracture. This injury is often the result of stubbing a toe, hitting the finger with a hammer, or by having a finger slammed in a car door. Trauma to the nail may cause bleeding into the constricted area underneath the nail.


With small hematomas, the nail bed is usually intact. Pain can be relieved through nail plate perforation, using a sterile needle or heated instrument. For hematoma’s greater than 50%, the physician will need to remove the nail plate and repair the nail bed. The physician will need to be attentive for lacerations and repair any if found.

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